Pino Navedoro was born in Gravina in Puglia in 1973.
His early passion for painting, encouraged by his artist grandfather, was put to one side for several years while he pursued his higher education. He graduated from the Universita’ degli Studi di Firenze after studying modern literature and specialising in art history.


He is the author of several publications, including “The Rupestrian Churches of Gravina in Puglia preliminary considerations on some known and some undiscovered sites” with a presentation by Cosimo Damiano Fonseca (2006); ” Gravina in Puglia, a Town Guide” (2006); “Giovanna Frangipane Della Tolfa, from mother of Pope Benedict 13th to cloistered nun” (2006).


He returned to painting, whilst pursuing other interests, in 2006.


In 2011 Navedoro began to show at various exhibitions, such as the Padiglione Puglia in the 54th Venice Biennale, which was held at the Complesso di Santa Scolastica, Bari.